Emirates Palace***** de Luxe

Abu Dhabi Beach Hotels

General information

This is one of the most remarkable hotels in the emirate of Abu Dhabi attracting the attention of the tourists from afar, getting closer you can appreciate the style and elegance of the architecture of the building as well as the beauty of the facade. By choosing this hotel to stay you will plunge into an extraordinary fairytale, it is here that they are willing to provide you with comfort, convenience and kind attention. Regardless of whether you are staying, in a standard room or in a luxurious suite, you will be satisfied.

In total the hotel features 302 Grand Rooms and 92 Suites. The interior is stylish and extremely sophisticated and each room is equipped with the latest technology. The hotel is conveniently located in close proximity to major business centers and the most popular attractions. Nearby are several shopping centers which is important for the shopping fans. In the Emirates Palace Hotel gladly are coming guests from different parts of the world, most often businessmen hurrying to a business meeting or to solve a business issues. The proximity of the airport provides an opportunity not to waste time on unnecessary travel and increases your mobility.