General information

This paradise island is located 4.5 km north-east from Zanzibar. It was repeatedly honored with numerous awards for its outstanding nature and charming environment of the coral atoll. Its beaches are considered to be among the cleanest in the world- they attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Here in the clear waters you can see exotic fish and a little farther from the shore, above the water surface, may appear a graceful dolphin. For those who like snorkeling there is no better place - there is also barracuda, tuna and other representatives of the marine life.

On the island itself there is a magnificent tropical forest, where you can relax in its shadow in a hot afternoon. Here one of the best island hotels in the world hides, providing the guests with not only excellent service and a wide range of amenities but also with complete privacy. Enjoy the proximity of wild untouched nature while staying in one of the local villas, perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape. The wilderness is ideally combined with the comfort allowing you to enjoy harmony with the elements of nature in the tropics. In many reviews this hotel is called the world's best holiday spot for couples, so if you decide to spend your honeymoon in a pleasant atmosphere you won’t find a better place.

There is in total ten villas in the territory of the hotel which look simple but they are actually very comfortable- each offering an amazing luxury with pleasant interiors, and a floor which is pleasant to walk barefoot. In the shade of the trees you can easily hide from the hot African sun, you can also arrange dinner delivery directly to the villa. A special privilege for the hotel guests is the ability to use the services of a butler. Thus, any of your desires won’t be left unattended and you will just enjoy the pleasant tranquility of the tropical resort.

On the island there are many entertainment options and everyone will find something to his liking: This could be diving, snorkeling, water sports, luxury cruises at sunset or ocean fishing on a boat. If you've never dived before, an advanced instructor from the diving school will help you master this art. After the variety of sightseeing the guests can enjoy fresh fruits, served straight to the villa, or the diverse cuisine from seafood and snacks provided by the chef who is rightly considered one of the best in Africa.

While diving you can see extraordinarily beautiful things- it is particularly interesting to see how the sea creatures react to your underwater camera. Some of them see their reflection in the lens as another fish and while swimming nearby you can make incredibly beautiful pictures. Others- however consider it as their enemy and spread their fins with the colors of war. The ocean life has never been so close.