Serengeti Migration Camp***** de Luxe


General information

This hotel is a unique safari camp located in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Situated in the picturesque nature of the North Corridor of the natural reserve, it opens a wonderful view of the Grumeti River. It is situated on the side of a majestic mountain, known as Poacher's Lookout, where magnificent views of the surrounding pristine nature reveal to the guests. The uniqueness of this place comes from its seclusion. This is the only camp in the area and therefore there are substantially fewer tourists, which helps to keep the nature intact and in it pure state, at the same time the hotel guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the mysterious world of the tropics. This park can take less than 1% of all visitors to the Serengeti ecosystem, so that choosing this secluded piece of land you'll be able to fully feel as a pioneer of the island miracle. It is especially great here during the migration season in July and November when entire herds of exotic animals pass in close proximity to the camp. Sometimes they cross the river in front of the hotel, allowing the guests to enjoy an amazing view straight out of the windows.


The readers of the "Conde Nast Traveler" magazine called this camp the most convenient and attractive of all that is available in Africa. According to other polls, the hotel has won the 11th place among the hotels in Africa and the first place in East Africa.

At the reception on arrival you will be greeted with a fresh towel and cold juice. The porter will carry your belongings to your room- each at a substantial distance from the pool and the restaurant. Here all guests are provided with complete privacy. Each room has not only a nice view from the outside – but inside you will find a true splendor of unique colonial style. The interiors with leather seats, a wooden desk and a rocking chair will literary take you back to the colonial era. The beds are the most comfortable and luxurious of all you can find in Tanzania. On them you'll be able to sleep properly and be ready for adventure. The bathrooms are no less luxurious- for you it is prepared two sinks, a toilet and a comfortable shower. Note that the water is heated by the sun- therefore it is recommended to take a shower in the afternoon or early in the evening. Morning showers will be very refreshing as the water cools down during the night.