Ngorongoro crater lodge***** de Luxe


General information

This place is amazing with its beauty and offers the guests the incredible splendor of a true eighth wonder of the world. Located on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, this exclusive hotel offers a wide range of services for different groups of visitors and provides spectacular views from all the rooms with windows facing the azure waters of the ocean. Here you can exist in harmony with the surrounding nature, which is one of the benefits of the recreation in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Reserve. Here are some facts about this wonderful place: - There are more than 25,000 different species of animals which can be seen all year-round; - In the territory there are three separate camps- two of them containing 12 suites and one designed for 6 suites. Each camp offers the guests a private butler service; - Exclusive private atmosphere; - Incredible views of the ocean and the nature of the island; - Excellent cuisine complimented with the views of the ocean and the nature; - Exclusive place to dine with a fireplace for the convenience of the guests and providing them with new experience.

Design and style

Here in the heart of Africa, the visitors are offered everything that they expect to see in one of the wildest places of the earth. The nature is untouched but it welcomes the guests of the hotel in its arms and tries to share its most intimate secrets. Everything you ever wanted to see in Africa will get revealed to you in this amazing tropical piece of land. Enjoy the nature through the huge windows of your bathroom and bedroom, as well as the luxurious veranda where the wind brings the aroma of the salty ocean.

Everything in the hotel embodies comfort and style, and that’s why the tourists tend to travel to these lonely places.