Kahanda Kanda 5* Southern Province - Galle

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General information

This hotel is a precious jewel on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is only 15km from the town of Galle which is a local cultural center and provides the tourists with unusual and interesting way to spend time. Nearby is the picturesque Lake Koggala and just ten minutes away stretches the charming Indian Ocean. The hotel itself is very small and consists of only eight rooms providing the guests with a completely new format of holiday, where each guest is given the utmost attention and the whole hotel area is never noisy or crowded with tourists. This place is ideal for a private breathe- easy holiday while you can turn away from everyday troubles and enjoy the wilderness where the human influence is almost invisible. The hotel was built in the early 21st century- its unique architectural style seamlessly combines traditional island interiors and modern trends, providing the guests with superior comfort. All rooms are located in a luxurious garden surrounded by exotic plantations where the locals grow delicious tea. The small number of rooms is the key to a comfortable and relaxing stay. The hotel does not accept children under 12 years old- this is done primarily to ensure the peaceful stay of the guests.