Sainte Anne Resort & Spa 5*

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General information

Are you dreaming about a qualityluxury holiday? Then why not visitingthe Seychelles where thevirgin nature has been preserved, unharmed by the human beings? On the islands of the archipelago there are still growing exceptional flowers, which you can’t see anywhere anymore, and on the beaches huge turtles raise their offsprings.

We offer you Sainte Anne Resort Spa 5 *Hotel toensure a true holidayin the paradise. The hotel is one of the finest on the islands and suits perfectly newly-married and romantic couples.

Only here you will feel unity with nature. The lush greenery of the island provides shade and allows you to relax, and the white sandy beaches will remain in your memory for a long time. If you visit the Seychelles and stay in this particular hotel, you will have the opportunity to taste the cuisine of different nationalities. This is the perfect place for a honeymoon or solitary holiday.

Sainte-Anne is a tiny islet in the ocean. Here you are offered an exclusive resort, holding top positions in many rankings. Since 1973, the aquatory of the island was declared National Marine Sanctuary. That’s why if you choose to spend your holiday on the Sainte-Anne, you will be able to completelysubmerge into the underwater world of the Seychelles. For the lovers of nature there are always tours to the other islands of the archipelago, excursions and trips to various exotic parts of the same and other islands.

As for the hotel, this is definitely the most prestigious hotel in the entire region. It has 87 luxury villas with terraces, convenientlystretched on the ocean coast. The architecture and interior of the villas featurethe fine Creole style. Here you can find all the elements typical for the design of such a style: the small statues, decorative panels, wicker armchairs, ceramic vases with flowers. The windows reveal a captivating view of the ocean.

The highlight of the hotel is the exquisite Creole cuisine. The restaurants and bars feature mainlythe seafood.

The hotel opened in November 2002 and it is owned by the well- known Beachcomber Hotels Group. The island itself is located 15 minutes by speedboat from Mahe, the main island of the archipelago.

In July 2008 was completed the reconstruction of the hotel, after that 29 villaswere equipped with swimming pools, 2 new restaurants and a new SPA-center were opened.