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The Seychelles are famous for their mild climate and virgin nature. The weather conditions on the islands are perfect. The sea is always warm, in addition there is no burning heat and the white sand beaches are always clean. Besides, for visiting the islands you do not need any vaccinations. As each island is secluded and isolated from the others, there is no malaria.

Each island is home for a small number of local population, therefore, despite of the large number of tourists, the beaches are always almost empty and no one will trouble your holiday.

The North Island is a cozy, exclusive and friendly hotel, conveniently stretched on a private picturesque island. Many people call this island the "Noah's Ark", because here, in this dazzling isolated piece of nature you can still see rare species of birds and plants, turtles and fish that have vanished in other islands or the mainland for a long time. A holiday on this island will allow you to completely relax and get away from the modern civilization. The North Island is one of the forty inner granite islands of the Seychelles. Often this and some other islands are called the most beautiful places on Earth. The island itself and the North Island Hotel areconsidered a rare refuge for people who look for a splendid, virgin tropical paradise. Three mountains, a small lake and four beach, located on each end of the island, offer a year-round tropical vacation.

The North Island 5* Seychelles Hotel opened in May 2003. The idea for opening a small hotel on the island is a result of the Barefoot Luxury project. The concept of this project is based on two points: conservation of nature and private holiday. With these assumptions in mind there have beencreated 11 villas, simple and comfortable, built by using natural materials. In these airy and brighthouses, the guests of the island hotel- sanctuary are able to fully enjoy their holiday, in an ambience of privacy and comfort. The area of each villa is 450 sq.m. The design features the South African loggias or bungalows in "Robinson Crusoe" style.

The guests remember the island as an extraordinary and vibrant place where giant tortoises still freely walk the island and lay their eggs in the sand, where the beaches are clean and the nature is truly alive. It is a true paradise on earth, one of the most incredible places on the planet.