Must Visit

You can let your child party by sending him to the children’s country - Kidzania. It is a robust interactive education center where the children are given a unique opportunity to plunge into the adult world based on a sample of a real city. In this town there is central area, hospital, bank, supermarket and several other buildings and centers. Moreover in Kidzania there are different means of transport. Kids can easily take a bus or even rent a car.

In Kidzania the child can become a surgeon, a policeman, a reporter or an architect, a pilot or a firefighter. All this is happening just like in the real world. The kids are given a special uniform and the necessary equipment to work the particular job.

Kidzania is not only an entertainment but also an educational center. Here the children learn practical skills as well - the ability to correctly handle money- to earn themselves for their needs.

Be assured - until the evening you can be free.