Constance Le Prince Maurice 5*

Mauritius Eastern Coast

General information

North-Eastern coast of the island

Traveling by car from the airport takes 1 hour.

The capital Port Louis can be reached in 45 minutes.

The nearest settlement - the small village of Poste de Flacq can be reached up to 10 minutes.

Built in 1998

The territory is 60 hectares, including the adjacent land.

Last renovation of the rooms in 2009

Belongs to Constance Group of Hotels.

Mauritius was discovered by Dutch explorers in 1598 when merchant ships with priceless cargoes of spices were crossing the Indian Ocean from Southeast Asia towards Europe. The island was named in honor of the ruler of the Netherlands at that time - Prince Maurice of Orange, Van Nassau. Paying tribute to the pioneers on the island and their contribution to the development of the spice trade, the hotel was named "Le Prince Maurice," and the logo of the hotel became the nutmeg - the most symbolic of all known spices. The hotel was built in 1998 on an isolated peninsula, close to marine parks and it is surrounded by 60 acres of pristine forests with endemic vegetation. Why do you feel so comfortable here? Because the service of the hotel is at such a level that it seems everything is getting done by itself, as if by magic. Because the rooms are hidden in a lush garden where you feel as an inseparable part of the nature. Because here is complete privacy and such peace and serenity that you forget about the existence of everyday life you have left on time. Every day spent here turns into a feast of communion with the one who accompanies you, so this hotel is ideal for a romantic getaway for two. Here the chef cooks so delicious so if you choose any random dish you want you would wish to try everything that is offered in the menu. Add to this luxurious accommodations decorated with attention to the detail, a beautiful beach, wonderful SPA treatments and a huge range of opportunities for outdoor activities. More than half of all guests in the hotel at any time of the year are frequent guests who visited Le Prince Maurice once and realized that there would not be better and come back here again and again.