Six Senses Laamu*****

Southern part of the Archipelago

General information

It is located on the exotic islands of Maldives, known as a prestigious and demanded resort among the guests around the world. The uniqueness of this hotel comes from the fact that it is the only one situated on the unique atoll of Laamu which has given its name. This atoll is located away from the other islands and it is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty, with its tropical palm trees giving the area an island flavor with white sand and crystal clear waters of the local beaches. But the main feature is the complete privacy of the tourists who settle here because the entire island is wholly owned by them and everything here exists only for their pleasure and comfort.

All villas are located on the hotel beach providing the guests with a spectacular view of the water horizon and the tropical beach. Being built above the water surface they offer a unique opportunity to swim at any time. Whenever you have a desire to plunge into the clear cool water of the ocean you can always do it without delay. A remarkable feature of the hotel is also the fact that all the buildings on its territory are made entirely from environmentally friendly materials. Thus, there are the highest standards of comfort and luxury which certainly is very attractive for tourists arriving here on vacation.

The hotel offers a diverse array of bars and restaurants which menu offers a wide selection of various dishes prepared from local ingredients. This is done to ensure the hotel guests with freshest delicacies only. The guests will not only pay tribute to the local delicacies but also enjoy exotic cocktails prepared by unique tropical recipes. Special attention deserves the extensive wine list available at the hotel. It includes more than 400 brands of different wines which are stored in a special cellar in the hotel in the shape of a glass tower getting cooled down from inside. The hotel tries to pay attention to everything and everyone, giving the guests a kind of holiday they expect to experience here. For example, the hotel offers live music, professional DJs, popular bartenders, prestigious chefs and winemakers. It seems everything here is an epitome of an endless holiday which you can become a part of.

An important supplement, designed to achieve maximum comfort for the visitors, is the presence of a luxury SPA center. In this oasis of a true relaxation by the name of the Six Sense SPA you will be offered a variety of procedures performed by high- ranked specialists. The variety of treatments for face and body enables everyone to choose exactly what he is suited best, and therefore get the maximum effect.

For those who are fans of the stay-active holiday there is a wide range of water sports, scuba diving and much more. The hotel features a library with books in various languages, as well as an outdoor movie theater where they regularly show popular movies.