Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo*****

Southern part of the Archipelago

General information

Welcome to this tropical paradise! Here the sun sets at the door of your elegant villa and the warm waters of the ocean roll on the beach near the window. This is a place where the nature shares with you tranquility and gives you a true relaxation. This is the wonderful Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo Hotel.

One of the advantages of this exclusive hotel is its location: only 42 kilometer from Male International Airport which allows you reaching the hotel in less than half an hour by plane or nearly one and a half hours by boat via the surface of the azure ocean. Here you will find unsurpassed comfort and an array of unique services. Although the hotel is listed as 4 stars it can compete with many fellow five-star hotels in terms of quality of service and elegance of the interior. The hotel has an international certificate and is recognized worldwide as an oasis of comfort in the Maldives archipelago where everything is arranged so to leave the nature clean and intact.

As soon as you arrive to this destination and step into the luxurious lobby your life is going to get transformed. Caring staff surrounds you with individual attention and the exotic interiors take you to a true fairy tale with no place for everyday concerns and problems. In this paradise you will be able to relax and get to know life in all its unique colors. Enjoy the view of the open ocean from the window of your room, swim over the coral reefs and meet with its exotic inhabitants, let the unique kaleidoscope of colorful fish swirl you into a whirlpool of new experience. And after - sit in the charming garden under the green trees.

The fans of the underwater adventures can get a lot of impressions from a tour along the beautiful coral reef. Here you can see the world of the tropical flora and fauna, revealing an amazing underwater world. The island itself is very green and densely covered with palm trees providing not only an exotic view but also a deep shade, so vital in a hot afternoon. The white sand of the beach invites you to lie on and the azure coast offering the entire comfort of a secluded vacation.

Each day spent at this stunning resort is a real treat for you. Here you can gain strength and find peace of mind, staying in an oasis of calm, close to the nature as never before. The island itself is to a large extent a key to a great leisure. It's small and very cozy, surrounded by the clear waters of the ocean, providing the guests with the opportunity to get closer to the inhabitants of the reef and the bottom of the ocean. The total area of the island is 55.625 square meters (300x280 meters). This is a tiny corner of the tropical paradise ensuring full privacy. It is the largest atoll of the group, as well as one of the most beautiful in the western part of the Maldives archipelago.