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Maldives ... you can write about this paradise forever. From the very first day the Maldives will grant you with a completely indescribable feeling of peace and relaxation.

This unique corner of the planet is a unique mosaic of tiny islands with white sandy beaches and caressing, dazzling turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

The nature has taken care of this fairy-tale place, so that it makes even the most demanding travelers to come back here. The quiet holiday in a complete harmony and getting closer to the magnificent beauty of the underwater world will leave long- lasting memories. The decorated with enchanting palm islands, turquoise lagoons, magnificent coral reefs and exotic marine life - this is just a small piece of the experience that will remain in your memory after returning from this heavenly place .

For the fans of stay- active holidays the Maldives offer the opportunity to explore the secret world of the sea, fly over the vast ocean on a hydroplane, go fishing (and then order a meal in a restaurant or a barbecue on the beach from your catch). In the evening you can regain your strength with the help of SPA treatments and various types of massage. The rich entertainment program on each of the islands will not let you get bored at night, and if you want romance - meet the sunset in the evening on a cruise in the Indian Ocean and enjoy the prepared especially for you an exotic cocktail.

Maldives - the most upscale hotels in the world which have created for you the most comfortable conditions for holiday. You surely will forget about the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

«MARUTZZI» will select the most exclusive hotels and programs; we believe that staying in the Maldives will provide you with a significant amount of positive and unforgettable impressions!

Time difference

The time difference with Moscow is + 1 hour.


Rufiyya (Maldivian Rupee) = 100 Lari, 1 USD = 12 Rufiyyas.


In the Maldives there are only 339.3 thousand people, of which 90% - Maldivians (Sinhalese, Indians), and 9% - Arabs.


30 day tourist visa is stamped free of charge at the airport.


The import of pornography and erotica is prohibited. If you bring alcohol it will be confiscated and returned upon departure from the country. When leaving the country an airport tax will be charged.

Rent a Car

In Male driving is on the left. You can rent a car in the capital and other major islands.


Maldives is the ideal place for diving. The incredible amount of coral caves are a wonderful place for underwater adventure.


The restaurants in the Maldives offer a range of international and local cuisine.


Maldivian (Dhivehi), English


Male International Airport is located on the Hulule island, 10 minutes drive by the national boat («dhoni») from the capital. On the islands there are no regular transport links. The local airline performs regular flights to only a few distant islands. The hotels provide the travelers with transfers by dhoni boats, speed boats, helicopters or hydroplanes. You can always rent a speedboat or dhoni on any of the islands.




In the Maldives you can find a wide selection of alcoholic beverages in the bars and restaurants but it is strictly forbidden importing them or any drugs, or pornographic material. Also banned are the deep sea and unauthorized fishing.

Official name

Republic of Maldives


Islam- Sunni


Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, on the South-West of India and Sri Lanka. In total there are 1192 islands forming 26 atolls stretching in a double chain perpendicular to the equator. Of all the islands only 202 are inhabited, including 88 islands where are located the tourist resorts. The length of the Maldivian archipelago from north to south is 820 km, from east to west - 120 km. The total area of the Maldives, together with the land and the sea, is about 90 thousand square kilometers.


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