Shompole***** de Luxe

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General information

This hotel is ideal for anyone who wants to escape from the city and immerse in the world of true Africa and its wildlife, its hot tropical sun and amazing flora and fauna. All these stunning features combine with the amazing comfort provided by the hotel. Here you will find everything you need for high quality and enjoyable holiday that you deserve. South Kenya - a place relatively untouched by the civilization, it is secluded enough to give the tourists the necessary privacy. The hotel belongs to The Art of Ventures which has lately become a synonym of quality accommodation and service. The special harmony of the hotel is contributed by the eco-friendly design allowing it to be an integral part of the local nature. The hotel name comes from the mountains; just the hotel has nothing to do with this area. It is situated on a broad plain lying between two large lakes- Magadi and Natron. Surprising fact is that this place hides one of the highest mountains in Kenya; however the valley is quite far from the central regions so that relatively a few people live here. To get to the capital you will need to overcome more than 120km. However the guests should not be afraid of the distance - the hotel has its own private airstrip where the planes of the local airlines can successfully land. Thus the journey should take you no more than an hour instead of three hours on the road.