Elsa’s Kopje Private House*****Nairobi

Kenya Hotels

General information

This hotel is located in the north-eastern Kenya, partially occupying the territory of the famous Meru National Park. Being built on the hill of Mughwango, it provides the guests with an excellent view of the park in its entire splendor. The park in its topography resembles a broad plain where among luxuriant greenery 13 rivers flow.

This place is a real paradise for animals which here can be found in a variety of species. There are also a lot of birds attracting bird watchers from all over the world to visit this cozy piece of the nature of Kenya. The hotel is virtually divided into- residential and public area. The public area includes the restaurant and bar of the hotel and a spacious common room where the guests can gather and enjoy spending their time

All cottages are built of natural materials, mainly stone, and the roof is made of palm leaves and is having a pointed shape in accordance with the African traditions. The windows in the bedroom and bathroom offer spectacular views of the savannah and the wooden furniture in the room, as well as the canopies over the luxury beds provide the interior with elegance and tropical flavor.

On a separate stone area there is a swimming pool and for the lovers of SPA treatments can be arranged a massage.