Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

We fully understand how hard it is to choose gifts for your loved ones and friends. That’s why we decided to offer you the «Travel Gift» service. An exciting trip in a beautiful gift box – this is a great and versatile gift you can give to your loved one, business partner or the closest relatives.

«Marutzzi» company will select for you the most incredible and romantic options of gift certificates for the New Year’s Day, birthday, wedding or anniversary. Of course such a gift would cause a storm of positive emotions and will delight even the most sophisticated audience.

A trip as a gift can be a real surprise. Moreover the gift certificate is valid for a year and you can go for the trip at any time. You decide the format of the gift certificate:


You can define yourself the amount of the gift certificate.


You are free to specify the country of travel of the gift certificate.


The gift certificate can be personalized.



To send a Travel Gift you just have to call us. Our representative will bring the agreed travel certificate and collect the payment. The gift certificate can also be delivered directly to the recipient at the indicated by you address.

All the details and comments about the gift certificates you can send to or contact our office by phone +971 4 3255528

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